The Preon Partner's Guide

How Preon can support decentralization in your ecosystem

Preon has a decentralized onboarding process that requires a Snapshot vote. Governance holders must vote in a quorum to allow a pair into the Preon Gauge.

If the vote passes, the project in question will cooperate with Preon's team to deploy the liquidity pair & whitelist it on our Gauge. From then on, projects can bribe & seed liquidity as usual.

It is important to note that prior to the launch of Preon's Gauges, launch partners will receive a spot on the Gauge without a voting process. If you are interested in using our Gauge system, please contact our BD team by submitting a ticket on our Discord.

The Benefits of owning a Preon Gauge

  • Boosted emissions on CL DEXes

  • Higher Bribe ROI

  • Less capital intensive liquidity seeding

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