Definitions & Concepts

$PREON — ERC-20 utility token

$oPREON emissions currently have two key objectives:

  • Maintain liquidity to facilitate optimal swapping conditions — $oPREON are emitted as farming rewards to incentivize deep liquidity

  • Encourage decentralized governance — $PREON can be used to take part in governance for continuous development of the platform. The long term goal is to achieve true decentralization.

vePREON — ERC-721 governance token in the form of an NFT

vePREON is the vote-escrowed version of $PREON. Users can lock their 80/20 PREON-ETH BPT for up to 1 year to get vePREON.

The longer the lock, the higher the amount of vePREON voting power received.

To encourage continuous locking and sustained participation from stakeholders, the vePREON balance of users declines over time until it reaches zero at the conclusion of the initial locking period. vePREON positions can be increased, split up and resold on a secondary market.

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