Lock your vePREON for voting power

vePREON Utility

  • Protocol revenue access: vePREON holders can vote for gauges on a weekly basis, and access to protocol fees and 100% of the bribes for the associated pool

  • Governance participation: vePREON holders can partake in governance and cast votes for the protocol improvement proposals.

vePREON voters receive:

  • Bribes deposited for the pools they vote for

  • Protocol fees from deposit fees, borrow fees & redemptions

vePREON Specifications

  • ve(3,3) Mechanics: partially liquid governance, making Preon both a decentralized dApp, as well as a liquidity layer for many protocols

  • Gauge: A pool with dynamic oPREON rewards based on vePREON weekly voting allocation. No negative voting.

  • Bribes: Custom amount of tokens paid by a third party on a gauge to vePREON holders in exchange for their votes.

  • Max Lock: 1 year.

  • Binary Gauges: This feature is included within the protocol with up to a 2.5x boost on non-boosted gauges. Pools that are binary boosted do not require a veNFT boost.

  • Flexibility: vePREON positions can be merged, split, and sold on the secondary market.


For voting, you need to be aware of epochs. Each epoch lasts for 7 days, after which the bribes are distributed. You earn only from the gauges (pools) you have voted for.

  • Bribes are claimable as a lump sum after the next Epoch has ended (n+2)

  • You have to vote weekly in order to be eligible for the fees and bribes

  • You can change or reset your vote at any time

  • Vote weights reset each Epoch. You need to vote every Epoch in order to earn the bribes

Revenue sharing

Locking 80-PREON/20-ETH BPT for governance also gives users access to yield from the protocol. Lockups are incentivized by:

  • Mint fees

  • Redemption fees

  • Liquidation fees

  • Deposit fees

  • Auto-compounding fees

  • $oPREON redemption

  • Gauge fees

  • Bribes

The yield is distributed in $ETH, $STAR & other tokens in case of bribes.

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