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A guide to using Preon's brand assets

Brand Identity


Unleash Borrowing Potential: Embrace an Omnichain CDP Protocol with ve(3,3) Mechanics for Boundless Opportunities.

Preon offers an omnichain CDP with decentralized governance & yield farming opportunities.


The Next-Generation CDP Lending Protocol. Powered by its native $STAR stablecoin, Preon brings omnichain capabilities to the forefront of decentralized finance. Leveraging the innovative ve(3,3) gauge system and decentralized governance, Preon offers a seamless and secure borrowing experience across multiple chains. Experience a new era of stability, flexibility, and community-driven governance with Preon.

Visual Assets

Preon Logotype

Preon's background


Preon uses Merriweather for the Serif fonts, and Open Sans for accompanying text.

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