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0-interest lending & borrowing at your fingertips.

What is Preon?

‚Äč Preon is a decentralized CDP (or Collateralized Debt Position) protocol that allows you to borrow against your crypto - at 0% interest. Loans are paid out in $STAR (our USD-pegged stablecoin) with a minimum maintained collateral ratio of 110%.

Preon accepts multiple token types as collateral, making $STAR available to a wide range of users. This makes Preon one of the few CDP protocols that charge no interest for leverage-farming.

$STAR can be redeemed for $1 of underlying collateral, minus protocol fees.

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What makes Preon special?

Preon is built with unique strategies that amplify popular CDP models & mixes it with mechanisms which build liquidity. Some of these mechanisms include:

  • OFT integration with LayerZero
  • Option calls as reward emissions
  • Nebula Vaults
  • Incentivized Stability Pool
  • Unique collateral types

Each mechanism is supported by an ecosystem of partners who utilize the protocol & an extremely robust code-base allowing for decentralization of the protocol.