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Lock your $vePREON for revenue sharing privileges

$vePREON Utility

Protocol revenue access: $vePREON holders gain access to protocol fees and liquidation profits.

Governance participation: $vePREON holders can partake in governance and cast votes for PIPs (Preon Improvement Proposals).

$vePREON voters receive revenue from:

  • One-time borrow fee (added to borrowers debt)
  • Repayment fee
  • Performance fee on collateral yield farming
  • Liquidation profits

$vePREON Specifications

Governance opportunities: allowing $vePREON holders to vote on PIPs. Max Lock: 2 years. Flexibility: $vePREON positions can be merged, extended, and transferred.

Revenue sharing

Locking $PREON in the platform’s veNFT contract also gives users access to yield from the protocol. Lockups are incentivized by a share of the protocol’s various revenue streams.

The yield is distributed in $STAR.